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Zaporizhzhya region

    Administrative center is Zaporizhzhya city 

    Population density is 68,47 people/km2

    Agricultural area is 2246,3 thousand of hectares

    Natural resources are iron ore, graphite, kaolin. 

    Zaporizhzhya water-power plant and nuclear power station (Energodar), "Dniproges" (Zaporizhzhya). 

  160 of industrial enterprises; ferrous and non- ferrous metallurgy, engineering industry, metal – working, construction activity, light and food industry. 

     Berdyansk (seaport), Zaporizhzhya and Kamyanko-Dniprovsk (river ports).
The region is bordered by Kherson region, Dnipropetrovsk region and Donetsk region

The southern border is washed by the Asov Sea coastline  within the area esceeds 300 km.
The  region has typical flat landscape with dominating of chernozem soil.
Climatic conditions