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Ukraine-China: The Next Step in Implementing the Joint Initiative "One Belt - One Way"

"Realization of the initiative is important for Ukraine's proper place in the global chain of commodity movement" East-West ". This will contribute to the full use of the potential of the Sino-Ukrainian trade, the growth of exports to the Asian region, as well as to the markets of third countries ", - commented the results of the meeting Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade - Trade Representative of Ukraine Natalia Mykolska.
Implementation of the Action Plan:
• increase the share of high-tech products and products with high added value in bilateral trade;
• Facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises and financial institutions of both countries;
• intensifies investment cooperation in the aviation, transport, energy, engineering sectors, food and chemical industries;
• intensifies the development of multimodal container transportation by connecting China - Western Europe through transit through Ukraine, including the route China - Kazakhstan - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Ukraine - Western Europe;
• to deepen cooperation in the design and manufacture of equipment for thermal and nuclear power plants, modernization and reconstruction of turbine equipment;
• increase cooperation between customs authorities of China and Ukraine;
• develop cooperation in the field of exploration and use of outer space, in particular the implementation and periodic updating of the Sino-Ukrainian Cooperation Program in the space sector for 2016-2020.
In nine months of 2017, 226 new product subheadings appeared in exports to China, which is an additional $ 24.1 million in exports of Ukrainian goods.
The largest increase was in the export of barley (+ $ 71 million), engines and electric generators (+ $ 14.6 million), nuclear reactors (+ $ 11.7 million), milk whey, products from natural milk components (+ $ 8.1 million), turbojet engines (+ $ 6.8 million).


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