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Standards of working with investors

Standards of working with investors in Zaporizhzhya region were developed with support of the Ukrainian-Canadian Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project specifically to provide territorial communities of Zaporizhzhya region with comprehensive information about tools and mechanisms of attracting investments, techniques of communication with investors.

The purpose of the Standards is the organization and implementation of the best domestic and international practices of investment management at the regional level, harmonization and optimization of the process of preparation of investment materials and products, territorial marketing, providing high quality support and service for investors, contributing to the successful implementation of investment projects in the Zaporozhye region.
The standards include the presence and interconnection of the following elements:

  • efficient investment policy and strategic management of investment activity;
  • the formation of an attractive investment climate in the region;
  • institutional support of investment activities at the regional level;
  • to streamline the process and compliance requirements for the preparation of investment proposals;
  • effective marketing of the region (promotion of the investment potential);
  • compliance with the rules support and maintenance of the investor;
  • implementation of postinvestmen support.