Organization of production helicopter gearboxes

Project #: 28-5714
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Sector: Engineering
City: Ukraine, 69068, Zaporizhzhya city, Motorobudivnikiv av., 15
Project owner: adm
Investments, USD thousands. $
27 412,00
Profitability, %
Recoupment period, years
Project description

The main goal of the project: The main consumers of the products are state and civilian helicopter operators in Ukraine and abroad, having helicopters of following grades in the park: Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17 different modifications, W-3 Sokol of various modifications.

Production and repair is planned to be placed on MOTOR SICH JSC.
The structure and production capacities of the plant as a whole allow to provide a full cycle of production and repair of intermediate gearboxes, tail gears, shaft tail transmissions, main helicopter reducers of the type ВР-8, ВР-14, ВР-442, ВР-17, ВР-443.

JSC "MOTOR SICH" is located on a land plot with a total area of 65.8 hectares, where there are production buildings of the enterprise:
- shops;
- administrative buildings;
- storage facilities;
- boiler room;
- others.

For the implementation of the project, there is the necessary infrastructure on the territory of the enterprise, namely: drinking and technical water, electricity, gas, water supply.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to purchase the necessary equipment and equipment, about 80% of which will be imported.

Required Permissions and Licenses:

JSC "MOTOR SICH" was recognized as the Aircraft Registry of IAC and State Aviation Service of Ukraine as a developer of aviation engineering:

- "Certificate of the Aviation Engineer" No. Р-56
- "Certificate of Aircraft Developer" SR No. 0009

Serial production, repair and maintenance of aviation engines (and their components) is certified by the Aviation Registry of IAC and the State Aviation Service of Ukraine:
- "Certificate of approval of production" № ОП01-ПД
- "Certificate of Production Approval" No. СВ 0004
- "Certificate for Repairing Organization" SPR-11
- "Certificate of Maintenance Organization" No. ВР 0030.

 The enterprise has a certificate of approval of the developer organization, issued by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine on 01.04.2016. for № UA.21J.0009. Validity is unlimited.

The quality system for the development, design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of aviation engines (and their components), gas turbine units and mobile power plants is certified in the system of international certification of forms Bureau Veritas Certification (for compliance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001) "Certificate" № UA226244

Data of the project

Requisites of the company (organization):
Name of the company (organization)
Joint Stock Company "MOTOR SICH" abbreviated: JSC "MOTOR SICH"
Mailing address
Ukraine, 69068, Zaporizhzhya city, Motorobudivnikiv av., 15
Telephone number
(061) 720-44-09
(061) 720-50-00
Type of ownership
Part of state ownership (%)
Head of the company (organization):
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Full name
Sergey A. Voytenko
Head's telephone number
(061) 720-50-00
Contact person:
Corporate Rights and Investment Projects Director
Full name
Volodymir B. Semienov
Head's telephone number
(061) 720-50-00
Main production of the company (list of goods and services)
Aircraft engines, industrial production, consumer goods, helicopter upgrading, flying and technical training of helicopters.
Authorized capital (thousand, USD)
10 624,00
Number of employees
25 276
Main production volume (thousand, USD)
399 398,127
Description of investment project
Commercialization and overhaul of intermediate and tail gearboxes, tail gearbox shafts, main helicopter gearboxes, type: VR-8, VR-14, VR- 442, VR-17 and VR-443.
Project readiness
In progress
Amount of investments (thousand, USD)
27 412,00
Including own invested funds
10 964,79
Investment funds need
16 447,21
Form of investment
On contract basis
Recoupment period (years)
According to business plan
In fact
Company profitability index, %
According to business plan
In fact

Form of the project

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Profitability %
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Investments, USD thousands. $
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