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We invite to participate in the II International Investment Forum "InCo Forum-2017"!

On October 11-13, 2017, the II International Investment Forum "InCo Forum-2017" will be held at the Kozak Palace Exhibition Center, dedicated to the issues of cooperation of the amalgamated communities and business.

The event was initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development, Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration,  Zaporizhzhya Regional Council, Regional Development Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Center for Local Self-Government Development.
This year, three main thematic areas of the forum were chosen: implementation of international experience, attraction of investments and development of cooperation between representatives of communities and producers of goods and services.
During the event, representatives of local authorities, territorial communities and business owners, Ukrainian and foreign investors, top managers, experts, representatives of international technical assistance projects will unite in the pursuit of economic growth of the newly formed amalgamated communities, support of small and medium businesses by creating investment-attractive territories.
  • Promotion of the Zaporizhzhya region as a regional center of economic growth
  • Presentation of regional investment projects
  • Strengthening the capacity of the amalgamated communities through the implementation of international experience, investment attraction and development of cooperation between amalgamated communities and representatives of Ukraine and companies - domestic and foreign suppliers of goods and services
Facilitating the establishment of cooperative business ties with foreign partners and newly formed communities.
At the same time, the specialized exhibitions and thematic exhibitions will be open at the exhibition center "Kozak Palace": the exhibition of the amalgamated  communities, the exhibition "Energy saving and construction", and exhibition of small and medium-sized businesses.


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