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The Government approved the Export Strategy of Ukraine for the next 4 years

The ultimate goal and main objective of the Export Strategy is the transition to the export of high-tech innovative products for sustainable development and Ukraine's success in world markets.
The Roadmap defines the strategic goals of Ukraine's trade development for the next four years. Among them: the creation of conditions for the development of trade and innovation in order to diversify the export of Ukrainian goods and services, support for export by the state, as well as increase the level of knowledge and skills necessary for enterprises to implement international trade.
Also, within the framework of the Export Strategy, the list of new promising markets was approved, which would replace the traditional export markets, access which is difficult due to the political situation.
In particular, the top 20 markets were identified, which, with the choice of the right forms and tools to work with them, are able to show fairly fast results. Among them, except the EU countries: Egypt, India, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Switzerland and Bangladesh.
Technological, innovative, organizational and infrastructural development of the sphere of international trade requires the introduction of new approaches to the implementation of foreign economic policy, as well as the wide introduction of the latest scientific and information technologies in production and trade processes. To help make these changes Ukrainian enterprises ready for the Government, which he demonstrated by approving the Export Strategy of Ukraine for 2017-2021 years.
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