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Ukraine has joined the OECD Declaration

Оn March 15, 2017, Ukraine joined the OECD Declaration on International Investments and Multinational Enterprises, the relevant Letter of Agreement was signed by the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubivym, whose authority was signed by the order Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 1, 2017, No. 130-p.
Ukraine has committed itself to establishing a National Contact Point whose main purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the Guidelines through advertising activities, processing requests and facilitating the resolution of issues arising from the implementation of the Guiding Principles in specific cases.
In turn, the Guiding Principles is a collection of recommendations on responsible business conduct supported by the state.
Today, according to the Government's decision, the National Contact Point (NCP) functions as the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.
And according to the orders of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, today these functions are assigned to the investment attraction department and the investment policy formation department within this department.
Among the main tasks of the NCP are, in particular:
- Facilitating the resolution of issues by the business entities to the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises through consideration of complaints from the injured party (trade unions, consumers, non-governmental organizations, business partners) and trilateral dialogue between public authorities, business representatives and the injured party, providing assistance in developing a mutually beneficial solution;
- to cooperate and carry out, within the limits of its powers, consultations with state authorities, local self-government bodies, employers' organizations, trade unions and their associations, other public organizations on matters of conducting a responsible business and on the results of the submission of agreed proposals in accordance with the established procedure.


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