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US Trade Mission!

The following are invited to participate in the trading mission:
- snack producers;
- manufacturers of ingredients for food (snacks);
- manufacturers of equipment for the production and packaging of snacks;
- manufacturers of confectionery.
The US Trade Mission is a great opportunity to showcase our products in one of the largest markets in the world, establish business contacts, learn about the local business culture, and take the first important steps in establishing trade relations with US buyers.
Trade mission members will receive:
✔️Visiting the SNAXPO 2020 International Exhibition, as well as participating in networking and educational events focused on generating qualified leads, promoting your brand, sharing experiences and improving the efficiency of the snack industry;
✔️ Briefing with the participation of local experts and an international consultant, during which participants learn about the features of the local market, export opportunities, distribution channels and much more;
✔️3-4 B2B meetings for each company participating in the trade mission with potential US partners prepared by an international consultant;
5Approximately 5 visits to US local networks (retailers, distributors, etc.) and food producers.
Details, conditions of participation and registration (until January 17 inclusive) -
The Trade Mission is organized by the Ukrainian Food Export Board in conjunction with the Export Promotion Office.


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