The main requirement for products is the availability of a certificate (for a batch of imported products) from one of the leading international companies - standardization auditors (SGS, Veritas) on corn compliance with EU standards (99.09% lack of GMOs) (enclosed).
 International Import Exporting Group (ETG) and Cargill Kenya, members of the Cereal Millers Association CMA,, and the Association of Manufacturers of Feed Foods (Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers - AKEFEMA, http: //www.akefema.or/ke/) expressed their interest in engaging in the import of maize from Ukraine for the needs of the said Associations in the event of the Government of Kenya restoring duty-free (zero-rate) purchases of yellow corn (contact data are attached).
In the case of interest in expanding cooperation with the Republic of Kenya, companies are requested to send information about the targeted volumes and indicative prices for yellow and white corn directly to the electronic addresses: and


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