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About International Programs for Business

Dear businessmen!
In order to stimulate exports and expand services for business entities, we are writing to you the following information about new opportunities for business representatives to participate in international programs:
1. The Austrian program "Ukraine-Austria: Exports to the EU" with internship in Vienna includes training in the city of Kyiv with Austrian experts (3 modules, test), training materials, translation, assistance in partner search, development of an individual program visit
2. The Senior Service (SES, Bonn) is a socially-beneficial association of the German economy that provides expert assistance worldwide for the purpose of promoting cooperation and development in which enterprises can invite an experienced German expert to perform specific technological or commercial tasks, which will work in the company from 3 weeks to several months on a voluntary and royalty-free basis.
Contact person - Lesya Zasulskaya (Business Education Center of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry), tel./fax (044) 235-82-96, e-mail:


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