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Business internship program for specialists from Ukraine

Term of internship in the USA: from April 14 to May 5, 2018.
Pay attention! Application forms for participation in the Internship Program are accepted by the end of the day on February 23, 2018.
To participate in the internship program are invited:
• food manufacturers;
• Agricultural enterprises;
• 3PL companies (providing logistics services);
• Chemical and Pharmaceutical Enterprises;
• Network retail company.
The program will consider aspects of transportation and storage in the cold supply chain.
Potential program participants should decide on issues related to the cold supply chain of their company.
The program will be attended by companies from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.
Requirements for candidates:
• Technical training and relevant experience in the field of the cold supply chain;
• At least 3 years of management experience (middle and senior managers, individuals who take managerial decisions in their company or organization).
• English language proficiency is not required. Professional translators-synchronists will provide an oral translation of the program.
The US Department of Commerce will conduct the review and selection of candidates for participation in the Program. The final decision on the composition of the participants is accepted by the SIBIT Program in Washington.
The internship is funded by the US Department of Commerce: the SABIT program covers the costs associated with the flight from Kyiv to the USA and back;
accommodation, training program, interpreter services during working hours; emergency medical insurance and a small scholarship that compensates for part of the cost of food and other costs.
The purpose of the program is to get acquainted with the American system of cold supply chain.
Approximate internship program: A grouped three-week internship will begin with a week of theoretical classes, which may include workshops on standards, legislation, standards, certification, business plan design, intercultural communication, negotiation and management, both for business and for associations. The participants will then visit American companies operating in different areas of the cold supply chain and meet with representatives of relevant industry associations.
Documents for the competition:
1. The questionnaire with photo is filled in Russian and English;
2. A copy of the first page of the passport (with personal data);
3. Letter recommendation (in Russian and English).
The letter of recommendation should be signed by the head of the company and must have a description of the job responsibilities of the candidate of the program at this time, and the consent to participate in the program in the specified terms. If the candidate for participation in the program is the director of the institution, it is necessary to add a letter to the questionnaire from the business partners with a short description of the joint projects.
All documents must be sent by e-mail exclusively to the following address: and, preferably one file in .pdf format to the specified date. Documents in .rar format are not accepted.
For more information on the Program, the terms of participation, the Sample Application Form, the Instructions for completing the Questionnaire can be found in Appendix 1.
A copy of the Questionnaire (Annex 1) is placed on the official website of the RSAA, in the section "RGDA", subsection "Documents", paragraph 12, by hyperlink:
All additional questions regarding the Program, documents, participation requirements, etc. - are directed to the coordinator of the program SABIT at the United States Embassy in Kyiv Natalia Shkneeva, coordinates:
Tel. + 38 044 521 5222
Mobile: + 38 063 298 8267
Fax: +38 044 521 5430.
The completed questionnaires, executed exclusively in accordance with the requirements of the Instruction on their filling, which is contained in the Questionnaire, to send on the specified coordinates.


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