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II Polish-Eastern Conference PUIG Lub-Invest

The conference will be attended by about 250 people from Poland, Ukraine and other countries of the region: Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia. The participants will be representatives of the government of Poland and Ukraine, and representatives of business, finance, media, academia and institutions support.
This very important event for Polish-eastern of economic relations will be an unforgettable opportunity to deepen knowledge in the field of trade, investment and international finance, as well as the ability to create a number of partnerships with businesses from many countries.
Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce under the aforementioned conferences assures make scientific expertise and participation of many potential business partners. In 2017 Lublin celebrates 700 years of its existence, which will also be an additional stimulus and will get acquainted with the achievements and accomplishments of this unique multicultural city of tradition and of great importance throughout history.
We also reported that the program was developed based on two thematic sections, each of which will be devoted to Polish participants under the slogan Direction East chances, opportunities, collaboration and include issues of trade, export and investment eastern markets, natomist second part, entitled Poland - attractive partner for contractors and investors from the East will be allocated to participants from abroad. Particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of investment opportunities in Poland, legal and tax issues related to business registration in Poland and Europe, certification and supply of special economic zones.
Participation in the conference is free, while transport and residence covered by the participants.
Contact person: Andrzej Drozd Vice President RUHP tel: 796-093-863
The conference program included


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