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Creative Twinning: Competition for Cultural Sector Development

Creative Twinning is a subsidy scheme that promotes the development of cultural activities in the regions bordering the EU. These measures reinforce mutual ties, increase trust and improve the linkages between the involved countries. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 in countries bordering the EU are the target group of these cultural events related to visual art, films and literature. Grant applications are also open for projects related to interdisciplinary art forms, cultural heritage and design sectors (architecture, creative design and new media).
A key component of creative Twinning projects is cooperation, as this program focuses on increasing trust and improving communication between the Netherlands and neighboring EU countries. Each project can apply for a grant from € 600,000 to € 1,400,000. From 4 to 8 projects will receive a Creative Twinning grant.
Through the creative Twinning scheme, the government subsidizes cultural activities in the EU's frontier regions. Such measures should enhance stability in these countries and promote the flowering of the cultural sector with wider social values. Twinning is aimed at uniting people with different cultural backgrounds.


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