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Analysis of foreign economic activity

 In 2017 the export of goods amounted to 2980.9 million dollars. USA, imports - 1325.0 million dollars.
Compared to 2016 exports increased by 30.0% (by 688.1 million dollars), import - by 32.7% (by 326.5 million dollars).
The turnover was 4305,9 mln. The US and exceeded the indicators in 2016 and 2015.
The positive balance was 1655.9 million dollars. (in 2016, also positive - 1294,4 million dollars).
Coefficient of export coverage of imports was 2.25 (in 2016 - 2.30).
Thus, the Zaporozhye region is export-oriented and provides inflows of foreign currency to Ukraine.
An increase of 30% in exports is a signal for the restoration of the economic activity of enterprises in the region and a positive market situation on the markets of goods produced in the Zaporozhye region.
At the same time, the prevailing growth rate of imports may indicate the intentions of enterprises to expand production at the expense of imported resources.
In 2017, the Zaporizhzhya region reaffirmed its status as a region that forms the export potential of Ukraine. Enterprises of the region provided 6.89% of Ukraine's exports (against 6.3% in 2016) and 4.64% of imports (against 4.34% in 2016).
Foreign Trade Geography
Foreign trade operations were conducted with partners from 152 countries of the world.
In 2017, 29% of exports from the Zaporizhzhya region were sent to the EU states. At the same time, the share of the Russian Federation in the export of enterprises of the Zaporozhye region is 17%.
Changing the distribution of exports was due to a decrease in exports to the Russian Federation by 3.1% (compared with 2016) and a simultaneous increase in exports to EU member states by 26.7%.

It is also necessary to note the fact that the enterprises of the region have increased their presence in new markets due to reduced opportunities for the sale of goods in the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the existing trade and economic relations of the enterprises of the Zaporizhzhya region with the enterprises of the Russian Federation still have a significant impact on the geographical structure of the import of goods.
The Russian Federation's share in imports is more than a third (mainly due to the import of raw materials)

Commodity structure of foreign trade
The commodity structure of the export of goods in 2017 confirms the status of the Zaporozhye region as an industrial region of Ukraine.
The basis of exports is trade in non-precious metals (mainly ferrous metallurgy), accounting for almost 57%. This indicates a relatively low level of value added in the region's exports.
At the same time, 18.6% of exports are products of the category of machinery, equipment and machinery. The growth of exports of this category for the year amounted to almost 42%, which indicates a gradual transition to the export of high-tech products.

In the structure of imports, mineral products (37.9%) predominate for the industrial complex of the region, as well as machinery, equipment and machinery (19.7%).

The analysis of foreign trade in goods of the Zaporizhzhya region in 2017 indicates the restoration of foreign economic activity of enterprises of the region. Indicators of post-pound trade in 2014-2016 have shown growth trends and have the prospect of recovering to pre-crisis levels already in 2018.
The change in the geography of foreign trade and the redirection of regional enterprises from traditional ties with the Russian Federation to trade with the European Union, Asia and the Middle East are evident.
Commodity structure shows the industrial direction of exports and the availability of capacity to increase sales of machinery and equipment


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