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Agritech Israel 2018

The 20th International Agro Technology Exhibition & Conference or Agritech Israel 2018 will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, from May 8 to May 10, and will be a significant global business platform and demonstration showcase of the latest advances and agricultural trends that will bring about " unites producers and suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment, bankers and investors, distributors and marketers, agronomists and technologists, government and municipalities, research and development directors, professional consultants and other specialists from different countries.
The main profile of the Agritech Israel 2018 exhibition is the decision of ecology in agriculture, agricultural construction, agricultural machines, new agrarian technologies, plant growing and horticulture, greenhouses, biotechnologies, fertilizers and agrochemistry, animal husbandry, etc.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a conference on innovative agrarian technologies and developments and with the latest scientific research in various sectors of agriculture.
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