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Commercial offers of foreign partners!

The world-renown Norwegian manufacturer of smooth knitwear and merino wool is looking for partners in Ukraine that can sew ready-made pieces of wool clothing and package sewn products. The company-importer was founded in 1879 and is still one of the few textile manufacturers in Norway. Beginning in 1956, the company has been pushing the official uniform for the Norwegian Skiing Team to participate in the Olympic Games and the World Championships.
Requirements for potential partners in Ukraine:
availability of sewing machines with a maximum length of 16 mm in length, in use will be used mainly 9-10-5 mm stitches (special sewing machines with 16 gauge linking, in use mostly will be 9-10-5);
the company must be equipped with sewing machines that handle the products with a chain stitch and its kind, as well as sewing machines with chain stich, cupseam and overlock;
contact person with good English language skills;
the inadmissibility of using the child labor force at work.
The customer is ready at the first stages of cooperation to provide technical support and send to the production of their specialists.
Packaging of finished products will be carried out in a package that will be provided by the customer.
Deadline for submitting sentences - December 14, 2018.
2. An importer from China, is looking for potential partners in the Ukrainian market - producers of refined and unrefined oils. The oil should be in transparent plastic bottles (with handles).
Monthly volume of deliveries (bottles):
1 liter - 26 640 pieces
3 liters - 8 760 pieces
5 liters - 4 500 pieces
10 liters - 2 592 pcs.
The main requirements for potential partners are English proficiency and the availability of the following certificates:
Certificate of origin of goods (Certificate of Origin)
Health Certificate (Health Certificate /)
SGS Certification (SGScertificate)
Food Safety Certificate (FoodSafetycertificate)
The deadline for submitting offers is December 20, 2018.
3. The British importer is interested in a partnership with highly skilled Ukrainian manufacturers of upholstery materials, wooden furniture and beds.
The main requirement for potential partners in the production of upholstery materials is the availability of certificates for fire resistance in accordance with the UK standards (UKFireRetardantregulations), and for the companies producing wooden furniture and beds - compliance with EU timber procurement regulations (EUTR / EUtimberregulations).
The deadline for submitting offers is December 20, 2018.
If you have something to offer to foreign partners, let us know about the cooperation interest at:
After the deadline for each request, all information collected will be submitted for consideration to a foreign customer company, which will independently carry out a selection of Ukrainian companies for the partnership and will conduct further communication.


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