Land plot 112 ha (Greenfield) 

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  Purpose of usage:
07. Lands for recreational purposes (lands of green areas and greenery of cities and other settlements, educational tourism and ecological trails, marked trails, land plots occupied by the territories of rest houses, boarding houses, physical culture and sports facilities, tourist centers, camping sites, yacht clubs, stationary and tent camps, fishermen and hunters, children's tourist stations, children's and sports camps, other similar facilities, as well as land plots provided for summer cottages the construction and construction of other objects of stationary recreation)

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A recreational land is proposed for equipping tourist routes, seasonal recreation and improving the population without capital construction of facilities.

The plot borders on the south and south-west sides with the lands of the Novopetrovsky village council, on the south-east side is the village of Novopetrivka, on the west side - with the landscape reserve “Berda River Floodplain”. On the east and south-east side, the site is limited by the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov, on the south-west side it is limited by the Berda River.

Use of land in accordance with the requirements of Art. 90 of the Water Code: “The coastal protective strip along the seas, sea bays and estuaries is included in the sanitary protection zone of the sea and can only be used for the construction of military and other defense facilities that produce energy through the use of wind, solar and wave energy, o 'supply facilities, distribution, transmission (transportation) of energy, as well as
sanatoriums, children's recreation camps and other health-improving institutions with mandatory centralized water supply and sewage, hydraulic, hydrometric and linear structures. In coastal shelterbelts along the seas, sea bays and estuaries and on islands in inland sea waters it is prohibited:
1) the use of persistent and potent pesticides;
2) arrangement of landfills for domestic and industrial waste and wastewater storage;
3) cesspools for the accumulation of domestic wastewater with a volume of more than 1 cubic meter per day
4) arrangement of filtration fields and the creation of other facilities for the reception and disinfection of liquid waste.
Within the beach area of ​​coastal shelterbelts, the construction of any structures other than hydraulic, hydrometric and linear is prohibited.
According to Art. 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine:" The conservation zone - is designed to protect and restore the most valuable natural complexes, the regime of which is determined in accordance with the requirements established for nature reserves.
A zone of regulated recreation - within its limits, short-term rest and rehabilitation of the population, a review of picturesque and memorable places are carried out, in this zone it is allowed
devices and the corresponding equipment of tourist routes and ecological trails; logging of main use, industrial fishing, hunting, and other activities that may adversely affect the state of natural complexes and objects of the protected area are prohibited here.
Development of an EIA project is required, which must be submitted to the State Environmental Inspectorate of the Sea of ​​Azov. On the land plot, the device of landfills for household and industrial waste and wastewater storage facilities, the device of cesspools for the accumulation of domestic wastewater with a volume of more than 1 cubic meter per day is prohibited.

The distance to the highway of national importance - 5km.

The current power line of 0.4 kV in the village of Novopetrivka -0.2 km
Active 10 kV power line at a distance of 2.0 km

Contact person
Arthur Boyko
Mailing address
Soborniy ave., 164, Zaporizhzhia city, 69107
Telephone number
+38 (061) 224-66-63
+38 (061) 224-70-37

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