Land plot 40 ha (Brownfield) 

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  Purpose of usage:
01. Agricultural land (land provided for agricultural production, agricultural research and development activities, placement of appropriate production infrastructure, including wholesale agricultural markets, or intended for these purposes, land provided for service activities in agriculture, etc.)

Infrastructure availability and its distance from land plot

  Engineering networks and communications, m:
Electricity supply
Water supply
Gas supply
  Transport communications, km:
Railway track

Priority directions of activity of the industrial park: - production of agricultural machinery, spare parts and components; - Light industry; - processing of agricultural products. The list of industries can be expanded and / or adjusted in accordance with the community's actual needs and objective market conditions, as well as the level of demand for products.

A plot of land measuring 40 hectares on the territory of the former poultry farm "Gulyaypilskaya", located outside the settlements. In the presence of insignificant remains of objects of the former development - no property obligations are absent, the enterprise is recognized as a bankrupt.


Huliaipole city is 12 km away.

Zaporizhzhia is 80 km away.

The distance to Kiev is 650 km.

The distance to the Dnieper is 180 km.

Seaport (Berdyansk) - 130 k

The distance from the road Huliaipole-Zaporizhzhia T-0814 (territorial road of general use from the road Pavlograd-Tokmak-Omelnij-Huliaipole km 11 + 900 km 28 +100) - 850 m.

To the railway station - 8km.

Engineering infrastructure.

Water supply is carried out from the existing two artesian wells (700, 900 m) with a capacity of 7.5 m3 / day

Gas pipeline at a distance of 550 m from the site.

Electricity and substation at a distance of 600m. Transmission line 35 kV, 10 kV. At a distance of 150 m - the territory for the placement of a solar power plant with a capacity of 13 MW, an area of ​​20.4 hectares.

Contact person
Artur Boyko
Mailing address
Soborniy Ave, 164, Zaporozhzhia city, 69107
Telephone number
+38 (061) 224-66-63
+38 (061) 224-70-37

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