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Grant Competition within the framework of the Fund for the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

What is the main purpose of the SME Fund?
The SME Foundation provides support for the development of SMEs through the creation of appropriate infrastructure, training and entrepreneurial skills, as well as facilitates the implementation of programs of local self-government bodies for entrepreneurship support.
The Foundation's main objective is to facilitate the implementation of SME development support programs in 16 partner municipalities, developed according to the methodology of the PROMIS Project and adopted by the relevant city councils.
What are the main objectives of the SME Fund?
Project applications submitted to the competition must comply with one or more of the Fund's main objectives, namely:
Creating a supportive business climate for small and medium businesses.
Support for infrastructure development for SMEs.
Development of a three-sector partnership to support business development.
Who can participate in the SME fund competition?
Non-profit enterprises, institutions and organizations, including those whose founders are the city council in the partner city of the PROMIS project.
Non-profit educational, scientific and cultural institutions of the partner city of the PROMISE project.
Financing projects
The contribution of the PROMIS Project will typically be between 20,000 and 40,000 Canadian dollars (in UAH equivalent) for the implementation of one project. In each city, implementation of several projects may be supported until the full use of the funds provided for it.
Project financing is based on co-financing principles and consists of:
the contribution of the PROMIS Project;
own contribution of the applicant organization;
contribution from other sources.
The applicant's own contribution should be at least 30% of the total budget of the project and is obligatory.
Duration of projects - from 3 to 12 months.
Opening / closing the competition to receive funding from the SME Facility:
Gorishni Plavni 7/11/2017 Until 30.11.2017
Kremenchug Nov 10, 2017 Until 30.11.2017
Zaporozhia 27.11.2017 Until 18.12.2017
Energodar Nov 27, 2017 Until December 18, 2017
Melitopol 28.11.2017 Until 18.12.2017
For additional questions about the activities of the SME Fund, please contact:
Valeriy Kokot, Chief Expert on Development of the PROMIS Project, +38 (050) 391 8018
Valeriy Tkachenko, SME Development Initiative Coordinator / PROMIS Project Grant Manager, +38 (050) 443 5163


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