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Culture and tourism

National park «Khortytsya» (Zaporizhzhya) is a unique complex of  historical-cultural and natural attractions, covering the period from the Mesolithic to the XX century, the world-famous as the cradle of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, and the founder of the world’s first democratic republic.


National historical-archaeological reserve «Stone Tomb» (Melitopol district) is a sandy hill area of 3 ha, which is a unique monument of ancient history and culture on the territory of 15 hectares of the reserve. In the grottoes and caves of this hill, 60 of them are discovered at these days, petroglifiksystems that are the unique pieces of primitive art up to 14 million years, were found.


Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve «Popov Homestead»
(Vasilievskiy district) is a miracle of urban planning, a museum castle architecture of late classicism, which was built in 1884. There is no analogues of high-quality masonry walls of brick in Ukrainian or CIS countries, nor even in Europe, according to the testimony of experts.



There are 22 public submission with a total of approximately 384,3 thousand pieces of the main fund in the museum, today number of museum exhibitions are attractive for tourist visits. New tourist facilities are included constantly in tours, especially historical, green, sport, kids, festival and Ethno-Tourism are developing rapidly.

Over 80 new tourist routes have developed, 2 of them are of national importance, «Khortytsya: A Look Through the Ages» and «Following the wheelbarrows of Nestor Makhno».

Totally, approximately 500 recreational facilities, more than 20 mansions green tourism are functioning on the Azov coast and in the water of the Dnieper River in the region.



The favorable climate, beautiful coastal landscapes of the Dnieper, mineral water and mud, affectionate, warm Azov sea attract tourist. City of Berdyansk, Primorsk and settlement Kyrylivka are very popular among tourist as holiday resorts.