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Project #: 87-5846
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Sector: Social sphere
City: 72319 Zaporizka reg., Melitopol city, Нeroyiv Ukrayiny str. 1
Project owner: strateg@mlt.gov.ua
Investments, USD thousands. $
Profitability, %
Recoupment period, years
Project description

1. Information as to which will be delivered products / services (domestic market, exports of the country) and leads

Domestic market

2. of the project / company relative to regional and district centers

Zaporizka reg. Melitopol district, Melitopol city

3. availability of land: (area (in hectares) ownership, purpose of the land, the actual use of land and other properties (existing building / construction, plantations, especially adjacent areas, status or the actual use of which may affect the project)

Land plot area 37.2 hectares on the right to regular use (state act)

4. access to transport infrastructure (Details of the project against transport infrastructure (motorways, airports, railways, waterways)

The park territory is situated in the center of the city, from 4 sides is rounded by the main roads of the city. There are two bus stations and railway station. To the nearest airport 126.4 km

5. availability and distance to the municipal infrastructure (or the available distance to the nearest engineering infrastructure (electricity, water, gas, sewage)

Electricity and water communication are available on the territory, garbage removal implement by special equipment of implementer as needed

6. access to the necessary resources and services

Park position is very favorable, all necessary recourses are available.

7. current assets characteristics (presence of buildings / structures and their characteristics)

There are 24 buildings and structures on the territory which were established mostly 60s-80s years.

8. necessary permits and licenses

All necessary permits are there.

9. Additional information (files)

Melitopol Gorky Park of culture and recreation is the unique recreation zone there is no analogues in the city. It is the center of holding city holidays. Territory belongs to the natural reserve fund of Ukraine and needs special steps to care about unique and rare trees. It needs additional recourses to implement this steps.

Data of the project

Requisites of the company (organization):
Name of the company (organization)
Communal enterprise Melitopol Gorky Park of culture and recreation
Mailing address
72319 Zaporizka reg., Melitopol city, Нeroyiv Ukrayiny str. 1
Telephone number
(0619) 43-14-07
Type of ownership
Part of state ownership (%)
Head of the company (organization):
Full name
Obrezanov Oleg
Head's telephone number
(0619) 43-14-07
Contact person:
Full name
Obrezanov Oleg
Head's telephone number
(0619) 43-14-07
Main production of the company (list of goods and services)
Provided recreation service
Authorized capital (thousand, USD)
Number of employees
Main production volume (thousand, USD)
Description of investment project
Purchase entertainment equipment to expansion of the range of services to citizens, to attract more visitors, and have more profits for city.
Project readiness
Amount of investments (thousand, USD)
Including own invested funds
Investment funds need
Form of investment
Attraction external resources
Recoupment period (years)
According to business plan
In fact
Company profitability index, %
According to business plan
In fact

Form of the project

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Investments, USD thousands. $
18 000,0
Profitability %
Recoupment period, years
10 years
72319, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, 109 Getmanska st. , office 23