Arrangement of a workshop for production of fruit and vegetable juices of a direct pressing

Project #: 01-5471
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Sector: Agriculture
City: Zaporizhia region, Tokmak town, Central street, 45
Project owner:
Investments, USD thousands. $
Profitability, %
Recoupment period, years
1 year
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Project description

Tokmak district is located  in geographical centre of Zaporizhia region. Motorways and railways pass through the district. Distance to the airport of Zaporizhia city-100-150 km,  to the seaport of Berdyansk city-100-150 km.Climatic conditions are favorable for horticulture and viticulture.

Throughout the district there is an increase of the area on which the apple gardens of intensive fruiting, grapes and other fruits and vegetables are planted, A large number of representatives of small business are engaged in the activity and want to unite in fruit and berry cooperative.Members of a future cooperative have plots of land on which environment-friendly products are grown and they also have premises in which it is possible to locate the workshop.

The aim of the project is purchasing the equipped line. The line includes: 1. Device to unload containers with fruit 2. Washing machine 3. Conveyor belt with additional device for washing 4. Electric breakers 5. Belt press 6. Reservoirs fitted with a filter for intermediate storage of juice 7. Pasteurizer 8. Pouring device into unit container.

Production of quality goods is a main criteria for growth and development of businesses. It is not necessary to add flavor additives into juice. Instead of that, juices of different fruit may be mixed,  we may mix them in different ways, make multivitamine juice or even mix juices as customer willing and so to get unique taste.

Data of the project

Requisites of the company (organization):
Name of the company (organization)
Tokmak district state administration
Mailing address
Zaporizhia region, Tokmak town, Central street, 45
Telephone number
Type of ownership
Part of state ownership (%)
Head of the company (organization):
The head of Tokmak district state administration
Full name
Dudukalov Viktor Serhiyovych
Head's telephone number
Contact person:
The head of division of economic development and trade of Tokmak district state administration
Full name
Popazova Anna Serhiyivna
Head's telephone number
(068)9603335, (06178)23472
Main production of the company (list of goods and services)
Fruit and vegetable juices of a direct pressing
Authorized capital (thousand, USD)
Number of employees
The Project will create job opportunities (3-5 work places)
Main production volume (thousand, USD)
Description of investment project
The aim of the project is an arrangement of a workshop for fruit and vegetable processing and juice production of a direct pressing, pasteurization and juice pouring into unit container by purchasing the equipped line.
Project readiness
Project idea
Amount of investments (thousand, USD)
Including own invested funds
Members of the cooperative will repair the premises, where will be based juice production line, for their own money
Investment funds need
Form of investment
obtaining the funds of international financing organizations
Recoupment period (years)
According to business plan
1 year
In fact
Company profitability index, %
According to business plan
In fact

Form of the project

All fields are required to fill

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