Industrial park "Melitopol"

Project #: 28-5847
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Sector: Engineering
City: 72319, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, 109 Getmanska st. , office 23
Project owner:
Investments, USD thousands. $
18 000,0
Profitability, %
Recoupment period, years
10 years
Project description

1 nformation as to which will be delivered products / services (domestic market, exports of the country) and leads
-The internal market and foreign markets Ukraine

2 distance of the project / company relative to regional and district centers
- 120 km from the regional center of Zaporozhye region

3 availability of land: (area (in hectares) ownership, purpose of the land, the actual use of land and other properties (existing building / construction, plantations, especially adjacent areas, status or the actual use of which may affect the project)
-Leased land with buildings with total area of 16.3 hectares Industry (code 1102), for placing and operating basic, ancillary and auxiliary buildings of processing, engineering and other industries

4 access to transport infrastructure (Details of the project against transport infrastructure (motorways, airports, railways, waterways)
-The land plot on the north side is located frontal on the highway M-14 (Odessa, Melitopol, Novoazovsk). There is a traffic junction and access to the M-18 road (Kharkiv-Simferopol), 1.5 km from the park's territory. The roads are in satisfactory condition. Throughout the length there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the vehicles and the load.

5 availability and distance to the municipal infrastructure (or the available distance to the nearest engineering infrastructure (electricity, water, gas, sewage)
-There are 2 transformer substations on the territory of the park, the capacity of which to provide IP companies is 5 MW
Power supply to the industrial site with gas is possible from the gas pipeline of an average pressure of Ø 350 mm passing through the territory of the IP. Possible volume of gas supply 2500 m³ / h.
Provision of water supply IP is possible from 2 water pipes with a diameter of 100 mm, which pass through the territory of the park. In addition, in the territory of the IP there are 3 artesian wells with a depth of 140 m, 2 of which require restoration. Possible volume of water use IP can be 1500 m³ / day. The sewage system is located 50 m from the IP. The sewer collector allows you to completely satisfy the needs of the park.

6 access to the necessary resources and services
- It is planned to carry fiber optic cable for each consumer of telecommunication network services

7 current assets characteristics (presence of buildings / structures and their characteristics)
-On the land there are industrial and administrative buildings with dismantled equipment.

8 necessary permits and licenses

9 Additional information (files)
-The concept of the industrial park "Melitopol"

Data of the project

Requisites of the company (organization):
Name of the company (organization)
Mailing address
72319, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, 109 Getmanska st. , office 23
Telephone number
+38 (067) – 612 -25 -13
Type of ownership
Part of state ownership (%)
0 %
Head of the company (organization):
Full name
Fokardi Aleksey Korradovich
Head's telephone number
+38 (067) – 612 -25 -13
Contact person:
Full name
Fokardi Aleksey Korradovich
Head's telephone number
+38 (067) – 612 -25 -13
Main production of the company (list of goods and services)
Production of spare parts and components for agricultural machinery and cars, deep processing and storage of agricultural products (vegetables, fruits), logistics, IT technologies, business center and social and cultural facilities
Authorized capital (thousand, USD)
Number of employees
Main production volume (thousand, USD)
Description of investment project
Formation of a single territory with a well-equipped infrastructure for the placement of new industrial objects, innovation, logistics for economic growth, creation of new workplaces in city.
Project readiness
The initiator of the creation of the park registers in the register of industrial parks of Ukraine. Creates infrastructure in accordance with the Concept.
Amount of investments (thousand, USD)
18 000,0
Including own invested funds
Investments for the repair of industrial premises and the arrangement of engineering and transport infrastructure - 2000 thousand US dollars
Investment funds need
Investments in own infrastructure - 16,000 thousand US dollars
Form of investment
Investing subjects (participants) Industrial Park
Recoupment period (years)
According to business plan
10 years
In fact
10 years
Company profitability index, %
According to business plan
In fact

Form of the project

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Profitability %
Recoupment period, years
72319 Zaporizka reg., Melitopol city, Нeroyiv Ukrayiny str. 1