Construction of a solar power plant

Project #: 35-6294
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Sector: Power engineering
City: 71752, Zaporozhye region, Tokmatsky district, with. Ostrikovka, st. Ostrikovskaya, p.78 a
Project owner:
Investments, USD thousands. $
10 000,0
Profitability, %
Recoupment period, years


Project description

 Creation of a solar power plant is planned near the settlement. The plot is adjacent to the limits of T. Tokmak from the southwestern side. It borders on the state-owned property sector-the Tokmak Ferroalloy Company and private ownership areas - residential and commercial buildings and structures.                                                                                                                         

Past this site is an asphalted road - 0.650 km. The distance to the motorway R-37 Energodar-Berdyansk is about 7 km., To the freight station V.Tokmak - about 3 km. The distance to the gas supply and water supply networks is up to 1 km. The distance to the transformer substation from the boundary of the plot is about 0.1 km. On the territory of the building and perennial plantings are absent.

Data of the project

Requisites of the company (organization):
Name of the company (organization)
Ostrykivsky village council of the Tokmak district, Zaporozhye region
Mailing address
71752, Zaporozhye region, Tokmatsky district, with. Ostrikovka, st. Ostrikovskaya, p.78 a
Telephone number
(06178)44482; (06178)97623
Type of ownership
Part of state ownership (%)
Head of the company (organization):
village head
Full name
Ivashina Natalya
Head's telephone number
(06178)44482, 0972797387
Contact person:
Head of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture, Infrastructure and Investments
Full name
Shkolyk Olena
Head's telephone number
(06178)44482, 0977073720
Main production of the company (list of goods and services)
Authorized capital (thousand, USD)
Number of employees
Main production volume (thousand, USD)
Description of investment project
The construction of a solar power plant on a land plot of "Greenfield" type is 34 hectares
Project readiness
It is planned to elaborate a detailed plan for a specific territory, as well as change the purpose of land plots to the code of the RCCP - 14.01
Amount of investments (thousand, USD)
10 000,0
Including own invested funds
Investment funds need
10 000,0
Form of investment
investor search
Recoupment period (years)
According to business plan
In fact
Company profitability index, %
According to business plan
In fact

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