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Agro-industrial complex

Zaporizhzhya region is: 

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the largest producers of agricultural products and products of the food industry among the regions of Ukraine.
There are a number of enterprises, which, according to capacity and volumes of production, are the leading ones in Ukraine.

    Crop farming, livestock farming


                                                                    PJSC"Plemfarm "STEPNOY" 


     Fruit and berry industry



                                                                 "Melitopol Cherry" Corporate Group


   Fruit and vegetable industry


           PE « SERGEI OLSHANSKY»                                                               Farm "Tavriya Skif"


      Fat and oil industry



                                   ТМ "Olkom"                                                                             ТМ "Shedro"


     Meat industry



                                                                LLC "Berdyanskie kovbasi"

   Bread-baking industry



                                                                    Group of Companies "Hlibodar"





      «KVASS BEVERAGES» LLC                "Carlsberg Ukraine"                      Distillery "Khortytsya"