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Agro-industrial complex

Zaporizhzhya region is: 

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the largest producers of agricultural products and products of the food industry among the regions of Ukraine.
There are a number of enterprises, which, according to capacity and volumes of production, are the leading ones in Ukraine.

    Crop farming, livestock farming


         "STEPNOY "                                                 "DANKEN"  
 "Vilniansk milk farm "                                            "Molis"

     Fruit and berry industry



                                                                 "Melitopol Cherry" Corporate Group


   Fruit and vegetable industry


           PE « SERGEI OLSHANSKY»                                                               Farm "Tavriya Skif"


      Fat and oil industry



                                   ТМ "Olkom"                                                                             ТМ "Shedro"


     Meat industry



                                                                LLC "Berdyanskie kovbasi"

   Bread-baking industry



                                                                    Group of Companies "Hlibodar"





      «KVASS BEVERAGES» LLC                "Carlsberg Ukraine"                      Distillery "Khortytsya"