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Address of the Chairman

Dear sirs!

Zaporizhzhya region is the center of Ukraine`s glorious history, its cultural and  spiritual traditions, it is the combination of  favorable location among  leading markets at the intersection of major transport arteries, among huge natural resources and comfortable climatic conditions, a well-developed scientific  base and skilled labor forces.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Zaporizhzhya region is the industrial heart of the country and involves hundreds of leading enterprises in the industrial, agricultural, research and development sectors.

Year after year Zaporizhzhya region becomes increasingly attractive for investment. Our main goal is to provide an investor with all the necessary resources and opportunities for doing business in the region. The local government makes every effort to ensure an enabling environment and heedful approach to all investors regardless of the scale of their projects.

We are always open for new ideas and solutions as we believe that open dialogue and constructive cooperation are crucial for the prosperity of our glorious region and the entire Ukraine!

Yours faithfully

Head of Regional State Administration                                 KOSTYANTYN BRYL