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Vesele Amalgamated Community of Zaporizhzhya region Investment overview. Information on resources, economy, investment projects and free land plots
Vesele Amalgamated Community Investment overview 2017



Dear Partners!


We are pleased to present you the opportunities of our young but rather progressive community. Here you will find a great opportunity to get acquainted with the prospects of Vesele community, which includes such villages as Vesele, Shyroke, Mala Mykhaylivka, Novooleksandrivka, Ozerne, Elyzavetivka, Avangard, Daleke, Yasna Polyana.
Our community is doing its best to keep up with the times, expressing itself with good deeds, infrastructure development, improvement of amenities, active involvement in international cooperation, a desire to live and work in a new way to become a powerful part of the European state.
I am convinced that by joint efforts, thanks to initiative and responsibility, we will receive significant results in the future, which will enable us to gradually build a strong and prosperous state.

Yours faithfully

head of the community                                    Petro Kiyashko




The administrative center of the community is in the village Vesele, which is located 120 km from Zaporizhzhya city. The Vesele community consists of 9 settlements. The territory of the Vesele community is 43,834 thousand hectares.
Community on the map

Natural - geographical and climatic conditions
The area of agricultural land is 39.5 thousand hectares, the lands of the water fund of the community is 418 hectares, the land of the forest fund is 900.8 hectares (State enterprise «Kamyansko-Dneprovske forestry»).

The territory of the community is a flat undulating plain with a lot of lifts.

Soils - the southern black soil, humus-sensitive, light-clay, which occupy 62% of the total area of the district, weakly eroded - 13%, meadow - black glued soils - 23%.

Education, healthcare, culture and leisure

Human resources

The population of the community is - 12 931 person

Transport infrastructure

Transport network of general use:railroad tracks - 59 km;
  • roads - 265.4 km,
including paved - 264,4 km.

The share of roads with hard coating - 99, 6%.

Economy structure

Agriculture. There are 131 agricultural enterprises in the community.

The main branches of plant growing are:
  • growing of cereals:
    • winter wheat
    • barley (spring + winter)
    • corn
    • millet
  • growing of oilseeds:
    • sunflower
    • winter rapeseeds
    • flax
    • mustard
  • vegetable growing:
    • tomatoes
    • cabbage
    • beets
  • gardening:
    • apples
    • cherries
    • apricots
    • plums

Industry. Industry of the district is represented by enterprises of the food and processing industry, mechanical engineering.
The volume of sales of industrial enterprises amounted to 52.1 mln. UAH (est. 2 mln. USD)

The main commodity structure of exports is agricultural raw materials, imports - ready-made food, fuel and energy products, agricultural machinery and vehicles, household appliances and goods made of polymer (plastics), textile materials and products, and pharmaceuticals.

Trading services are provided by 140 functioning retail outlets, including 113 stores, 2 gas stations, 7 pharmacy kiosks and pharmacies.

The main enterprises

Enterprise Type of activity
Agricultural and production cooperative "Frunze" Ltd Growing of cereals, fruits, their processing, bakery, a network of shops in the community, as well as in Melitopol; Bovine cattle breeding
JSC "Veselivskiy elevator" Storage and processing of cereals, bakery
State Enterprise "Experimental farm Izvestiya" of the Institute of Oil Cultures Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
“Demetra" LLC Cultivation, storage and processing of cereals, bakery
Enterprise of Veselivsky Correctional Center of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya region (№8) Growing of cereals, processing them on groats, and also realization in own shop
JSC "Veselivskyy skimmed milk powder factory" Milk processing and production of dry skimmed milk and whole milk, animal oils
PJSC "Prodmash-Vesele" Metal turning services and general mechanical services
«AzovAvtoAtelier» Company Manufacturing of sports cars Cobra (manual assembling, small quantity)
Enterprise "Chemistry - Aviation Technologies" A full cycle of works on serial production of an airplane ХІАТ-650 up to 20 planes per month. LLC "ХІАТ" is working on the design of new aircraft.



Investment development

Vesele Village Council for 2016 prepared and submitted to various competitions for grant support and international technical assistance (ITD) more than 60 project applications in 2016. Over 10 programs and agreements have already been approved, implemented and at the final stage of implementation with the support of the State Fund for Regional Development and international donor organizations.
Cooperation with international organizations
Donor Project
"Improving the quality of drinking water in the village Mala Mykhailivka", microproject "Improving the quality of drinking water supply to the population, overhaul of the water supply with the installation of a frequency converter in the village Beloretsk Veselivsky district of Zaporizhzhya region".
«"First profession" - acquisition of specialized technical equipment for the educational classes of Veselivsky professional agricultural lyceum
"Support to Ukraine in emergency management" - the creation of local fire brigades on the territory of Vesele community with the subsequent staffing with specialized equipment and material resources.
Foundation for Managerial Initiatives
«"Strategy for the development of Vesele community for 2016-2025" - elaboration of the structure and provision of theoretical assistance for the writing of the Strategy for the development of Vesele community
IF "Vidrodgennya"
Creating the appropriate conditions for the social integration of displaced persons in the territorial community through the provision of comprehensive social, medical, legal and psychological assistance.
"Support for agrarian and rural development" - development of an investment plan for the phased implementation of the priority areas of the Vesele community Strategy, namely the creation of conditions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises on the territory of the community to improve the well-being of households.


Priority sectors of the economy and proposals for investments

Development of renewable energy. The Solar Park Vesele project envisages the construction of a photovoltaic power plant in Vesele community (project cost 366 million UAH, 2017-2020 years, investor SOLAR PARK LLC).
Project name «SOLAR PARK Vesele»
Address Zaporizhzhya region, Vesele district, Vesele village, Zaliznichna str., 5
Land area 23 ha
Installed power 12 MWt
Number of photocells 45600 pc.
Number of inverters 300 pc.
Number of transformers 12 pc.
Annual electricity generation 16000 MWt*hear
Reduction of СО2 emissions 17096 tons per year
Predicted generation of electrical energy 16285 MWt*hear per year

Development of agricultural production (Agricultural and production cooperative "Frunze" Ltd, Veselivsky Plant SZM Ltd., PJSC "Prodmash-Vesele", JSC "Veselivskiy elevator").
Project name Creation of an agricultural service cooperative for collecting berries, fruits and processing of dairy products
Brief description of the project In order to meet the economic, social, domestic and other needs of the community (800 people), it is envisaged to provide agricultural and communal services, equipment to the population of the community for the cultivation of plots of land (plowing, cultivation), transport services.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 1000,0

Machine building and commercial service sectors ("AzovAvtoAtelier", "ХІАТ" Ltd) are also the priority sector for attracting investments.

Other proposals for investors

In view of the increased water supply accidents, which entails an increase in water costs, the implementation of water supply projects within the framework of the public-private partnership is very important for the community.
The energy of water
Project name The energy of water
Project objectives Provision of quality drinking water needs of citizens of Vesele community (1,600 people): Yasna Polyana, Ozerne, Avangard, Elyzavetivka. Carry out major repairs and reconstruction of central water supply networks.
Brief description of the project Centralized water supply in villages requires major repairs, as there have been permanent breakthroughs that need to be eliminated. The project envisages the construction and repair of about 7 km of existing water pipeline running along the streets of villages.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 2700,0
Construction of treatment facilities in Vesele village
Project name Construction of treatment facilities in Vesele village
Brief description of the project In order to eliminate the emergency condition, it is planned to construct a new treatment system with receiving wells, installation of modern gratings, the construction of sand pits and sludge sites, the construction of a new corridor aerotank with the forced aeration of active sludge and its mixing, to ensure sufficient cleaning, construction of sludge pumping station and ventilation station, installation of a modern system of disinfection of sewage, pipelining and restoration of the tray system on the territory of the cleaning of structures, replacement of shut-off valves.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 13000.0
Organization of the complex for the processing of solid domestic waste in Vesele village of Zaporizhzhya region (PET packaging)
Project name Organization of the complex for the processing of solid domestic waste in Vesele village of Zaporizhzhya region (PET packaging)
Brief description of the project ОOrganization of production for the processing of household waste with the removal of valuable fractions suitable for recycling
Estimated cost of the project, USD 5000
Provision of collection and recycling of solid household waste
Project name Provision of collection and recycling of solid household waste
Brief description of the project Arrangement of landfills, introduction of sorting of garbage. Collection, proper storage of garbage disposal. The place of solid waste disposal is located on the territory of Vesele village
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 8050,0
Investment proposals of enterprises
Name of the enterprise Project name Brief description of the project Estimated cost of the project
State Enterprise "experimental farm "Izvestiya" of NAAS of Ukraine Purchase of agricultural machinery for agricultural production Purchase:
  • Tractor T-150 - 4 units
  • Combine "DON" - 2 units.
  • Pneumatic table - 1 unit
Agricultural lands are 6613.6 hectares.
There are energy supply, personnel, communications, transport connections.
Profitability 30%, payback period 3-5 years.
750,0 thousand USD (of which 225.0 - own funds)
JSC "Veselivskyy skimmed milk powder factory" Construction of a dairy farm Creation of a dairy farm for 2 thousand animals on the basis of the existing farm. Payback period - 6 years, innovative direction of the project, creation of 40 workplaces. 2,0 mln. USD
Agricultural and production cooperative "Frunze" Ltd Modernization of irrigation with an area of 837 ha Replacement of DF-120 "Dnepr" on RkD-357.3 m.Availability of electricity, active water supply network.Lowering the cost of electricity (40733 UAH per year). Payback 5-7 years. 260,0 thousand USD


Land plots for investments
Available on the territory of the community FREE land plots intended for economic activity (except agricultural purpose)

Business Support Institutions

The Resource Center of the Vesele District Communities has prepared investment areas in free territories for the establishment of a processing and storage facility for agricultural products or other investment projects that will enable them to create new jobs in the community.
Questionnaire for Investment Proposal


Vesele village council
163 Central str., Vesele, Zaporizhzhya region
Tel. +380613621178
fax +380613621446
The investment overview of the community is developed with support of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhzhya Region.