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Smirnove Amalgamated Community of Zaporizhzhya region Investment overview. Information on resources, economy, investment projects and free land plots
Smirnove Amalgamated Community Investment overview





Dear Partners!

Since the establishment of our community in 2015 it has become united and opened to the public.
We invite representatives of small, medium and large businesses which are ready to work in our community.
From our part I guarantee to promote the implementation of projects for potential investors, creation comfortable conditions of their work, coordination the work of executive bodies.
Implementing social projects, it is possible to consider issues of preferential land rent rates.

Yours faithfully
Head of the community                                                          Oleksandr Romanyuk



When the amalgamation took place, three village councils (nine settlements) were included in the newly formed Smirnove Amalgamated Community: Smirnov village council (Smyrnove village, Vershinya Druha village, Oleksiivka village and Bilmanka station), Zrazkove village council (Zrazkove village, Zeleny Gay village, Verkhniodragunske village and Dibrova village), Tytovske village council (village Titove). The total area of the community is 24.33 km.
The administrative center of Smirnove amalgamated community (AC) is located in the village Smirnove, which is located 130 km from the city of Zaporizhzhya. Smirnove AC includes 9 settlements. The territory of Smirnove AC is 31,760 thousand hectares.
Community on the map

Natural - geographical and climatic conditions

The community is located in the south-western part of Bilmak district.
The surface is flat, partly cut by the girders and riverbeds. The territory of the AC is the source of the following rivers: Berda, Kiltychia, Obitochnaya, Konka.

Education, healthcare, culture and leisure

Human resources

The population is 3846 people, including working age - 2275 persons. Population employment level is 44, 6%, unemployment level is 7,1%.

Transport infrastructure

The route № Т0815 passes through the territory of the community and connects Zaporizhzhia and Berdiansk.
On the territory of the community there is the Bilmanka railway station.
The main competitive advantages of the community are:
- Closeness to Berdiansk port, the distance is 60 km.
- Closeness to Komysh-Zorya railway station, the distance is 35 km and Bilmanka station, distance is 9.5 km.
Transport network of general use
Operating length (km): Transport network of general use
Operating length (km): Highways 80.37
Including hard covered ones - 33.90


Economy structure

The basis of the community's economy is agriculture; the main activities of agricultural societies are the cultivation of cereals and oilseeds.The small business in the community is represented by the trade institutions and provision of services to the population.

The main enterprises

Enterprise Type of activity
«40 ROKIV AGRO»Ltd. Milk processing, growing of cereals
Agricultural cooperative LLC “Suzirya” Grain and Sunflower
LLC “Oleksiyvka AGRO» Ltd. Grain and Sunflower
«Aloins Agro» Ltd. Grain and Sunflower
«Lana – 2006» Ltd. Grain and Sunflower
Private enterprise «Skyf-ХХ1» Grain and Sunflower
«Alexandrivka» Ltd. Grain and Sunflower
«Zrazkove» Ltd. Grain and Sunflower


Investment development

In 2016 Smirnove Amalgamated Community prepared and submitted 2 projects to the State Fund for Regional Development.
Cooperation with international organizations
Donor Project
 State Fund for Regional Development
"Development of urban planning documentation of Smirnove amalgamated community, united in 2015 in accordance with the law and a prospective plan for the     formation of communities of Zaporizhzhya region"
"The general plan of villages of Smirnove community "


Priority sectors of the economy and proposals for investments

The strategic goal of the community is to create and restore social and economic infrastructure, in particular:

- construction and repair of communal roads;
- support of spiritual and religious institutions;
- development of adult and children's sports;
- construction of children's playgrounds;
- work on illumination of the villages streets of Smirnove Amalgamated Community;
- assistance to rural educational, medical and cultural institutions;
- landscaping of territories;
- creating recreation areas by organizing parks and squares;
- arrangement of local stadiums.

The expected effect from the implementation of program objectives is to increase the level of improvement of Smirnove Amalgamated Community, the development of spiritual, cultural and sports facilities, the improvement of the material and technical base and buildings of educational, medical and cultural institutions.

The main types of economic activity conducted on the territory of Smirnove Amalgamated Community:
  • Growing of cereals (except rice), legumes;
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
  • Leasing and exploitation of own or leased property;
  • Computer maintenance;
  • Retail trade in fuel;
  • Retail;
  • Providing hairdressing services.
The most important investment projects for the territory.

Favorable environmental and climatic conditions of the community create opportunities for the development of such activities as:
  • food and processing industry;
  •  growing of garden crops;
  • growing berries, vegetables;
  • beekeeping, fishing, animal husbandry, poultry farming;
  • alternative energy;
  • logistics


1 Torgova street, Smirnove village, Bilmak district, Zaporizhzhya region, 71040


The investment overview of the community is developed with support of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhzhya Region.