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Shyroke Amalgamated Community of Zaporizhzhya region Investment overview. Information on resources, economy, investment projects and free land plots
Shyroke Amalgamated Community Investment overview



Dear Partners!
Welcome to our new promising Shyroke community!
Our community is aimed at economic growth, development of infrastructure and social sphere, improvement of territory improvement, cooperation with international projects. We care about the welfare of the community as a whole, and the welfare of each family.
Today Shyroke community is open to Ukrainian and international investors which want to conduct their business honestly in our territory. Our advantages is the favorably geographical and logistical location (the community is located between two regions - Zaporizhzhya and Dnepropetrovsk) and developed transport infrastructure.
I am convinced that on the territory of the community you will find reliable partners, profitable offers and comprehensive support of the authorities in implementing your projects.
By joint efforts, we will receive significant results in the future, which will enable us gradually to build a strong and prosperous state.
Yours faithfully, head of the community Denis Korotenko


The Shyroke amalgamated community, further - the AC, includes 28 settlements. The administrative center of the community is located in the village Shyroke, which is located 8 km from the city of Zaporizhzhya.
The territory of the Shyroke community is 36.1 thousand hectares, almost 40 km of the coast of the Dnipro River. The population of the community is 12,500 people.

Community on the map

Natural - geographical and climatic conditions
The area of farmland is 30 thousand hectares, the land of the forest fund is 752 hectares (Khortytsia forestry of State Enterprise "Zaporizhzhya Forestry Farming"), and the land of the water fund of the community amounts to 197 hectares,
The territory of the community is a flat-bottomed plain with a lot of lagoons. Southern black soils are less humus in the forests of light-hearted, which occupy 65% of the total area of the district, poorly eroded differences occupy 15%, meadow – black soil and glide soils of the heaths occupy 20%.
Tourist potential
Shyroke community has a significant tourist potential, which is based on natural wealth - water resources, scenic landscapes, historical monuments, monuments of architecture and art. A good condition for the development of tourism is the relative proximity to the regional center - Zaporizhzhya. The community has developed hunting and fishing traditions.
On the territory of the community there are 2 green tourism objects:
1. Farming "Shyroky prostir 2008"

Education, healthcare, culture and leisure

Human resources

The total population of the community is 4088 people.


Transport infrastructure

Transport network of general use is 320 km length, including the highways of local and state importance - 70 km, of regional significance - 40 km. There is the highway N-08 Boryspil-Zaporizhzhya that passes by the territory of the community.
There is a transport connection between the settlements of the community and the regional center of Zaporizhzhya.

Economy structure

The structure of the economy prevails in the agricultural sector (80%). The community has 5 agricultural enterprises. The main branches of crop production are growing of cereals (winter wheat, barley (spring + winter), corn and millet), growing of oilseeds (sunflower, winter rapeseed, flax and mustard), vegetable growing (tomatoes, cabbage, table beets).

Industry. The district's industry is represented by agricultural enterprises, food processing and processing enterprises, and machine building. The main part of the industry includes farms - 50%, 20% engineering (transformers manufacturing), 20% - food and grain processing, as well as services rendering services.
The main position of exports is agricultural raw materials, imports - ready-made food (beekeeping), fuel and energy products, construction metal structures, transformers. There are 62 operating retail outlets, including 48 shops and 4 gas stations

The main enterprises

Enterprise Type of activity
”Alexandt Agro 2” LLC

Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
”Alexandt Agro” LLC

Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
Private enterprise “Farm “Slavutich”

Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
“Oris-Niva” LLC

Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
Farm “Maria”

Growing of cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops (grain, seeds, barley, corn, animal feed)
Private enterprise «ELTIZ»
Manufacturing of transformers, reactors, chokes.
“Eliz” LLC

Complete transformer substations and others.

Private Enterprise "Production and Commercial Firm" Bereginya"
Furniture manufacturing

“Metalloinvest” LLC

Manufacturing of building metal constructions


Budget revenues for 2017 - total 21.0 million UAH (forecast)

Investment development

More than 20 project applications were prepared and submitted to the various contests of grant support and international technical assistance for 2016 by Shyroke village council. Over 10 programs and agreements have already been approved, implemented and implemented at the final stage with the support of the RDFSB and international donor organizations.
Cooperation with international organizations
Donor Project

Association of Ukrainian Cities

Development of the Shyroke AC Strategy
"My community is my well-being"
  1. 1. Creation of a youth HAB in Shyroke Village`s House of Culture.
    2. Completion of Vidradne outpatient clinic "Sumy family doctor".
The National Endowment for Democracy

1 "Bogaters of Lukashevo" - creation of conditions for the development and participation of free-fight in the countryside.
2 "Development of community volunteering"
3. Professional guidance of young people

"Development of a course for strengthening local self-government in Ukraine" - My well-being is my community


  1. 1.Priority sectors of the economy and proposals for investments

    Priority sectors:
    - agriculture;
    - green tourism;
    - energy saving;
    - healing.
     Investment proposals
Project name   Complex for the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste

Brief description of the project  Collection, proper storage of garbage disposal.
Project name   Creation of an agricultural servicing cooperative for collecting berries, fruits and dairy products

Brief description of the project  Provision of agricultural and communal services, technology to the community for cultivating plots of land (plowing, cultivation), transport services.
Project name   Development of green tourism and recreation areas
Brief description of the project  Creation of conditions for recreation in private farms in rural areas with the use of the property and labor resources of a personal peasant, subsidiary or farm, natural and recreational features of the locality and cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage of the community.

Project name   The energy of water

Brief description of the project  Providing needs for quality drinking water for villagers of Shyroke AC. Carry out major repairs and reconstruction of central water supply network
Project name  Construction of facilities for recreation and health improvement
Brief description of the project  Infrastructure of the sports complex includes:
- indoor sports complex (for playing sports) with a playground measuring 50x25 m;
- two football fields of the classical standard with spectator stands;
- tennis courts;
- volleyball and basketball courts;
- small tennis tables;
- restaurant;
- places for camping summer camps;
Construction of an indoor pool.
To accommodate a large number of guests, it is necessary to build a hotel complex.
Project name   Organization of a complex of solid waste recycling in the Shyroke community of Zaporizhzhya region (packaging)

Brief description of the project Organization of production for the processing of household waste with the exclusion of them valuable fractions, suitable for recycling
Project name   The collection and processing of municipal solid waste

Brief description of the project  Arrangement of landfills, introduction of sorting of garbage. Collection, proper storage of garbage disposal.
Project name   Development of gardening and berry growing

Brief description of the project Update the gardens and infrastructure of the fruit and berry market, the technical equipment of gardens and berries in the community.

Land plots for investments

Municipal Institution "Development Agency of Shyroke community" conducts monitoring work on the identification of investment areas in free territories for the establishment of a processing and storage company for agricultural products or other investment projects that will provide an opportunity to create new working places in the community.


Shyroke Amalgamated Community
137, Heroyiv 37-ho batalʹyonu str., Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region, 69089 Ukraine
Phone: +380612236210

The investment overview of the community is developed with support of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhzhya Region.