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Malotokmachka Amalgamated Community of Zaporizhzhya region Investment overview. Information on resources, economy, investment projects and free land plots
Malotokmachka Amalgamated Community Investment overview



Dear Partners!
Malotokmachka amalgamated community is small, young, but very promising with great potential.
There are talented, hardworking people with an active life position.Our people work to create a comfortable community for its inhabitants with a working economy, developed infrastructure, a powerful civil society, to provide a decent life for their children and older people.
Therefore, we are open to future beneficial relations with potential investors, because we clearly understand that investments are the creation of new jobs and raising social standards of living for people. We are always ready to exchange business proposals with people, new prospects of cooperation.
The community settlements have an advantageous geographical location - the highway T 0185 Zaporizhzhya - Mariupol, railway communication, fertile land and developed agricultural sector. Anyone who is engaged in business will be able to find in MalotokmachkaAC many interesting opportunities and new prospects for development and profit making.
We will be glad to see you on our land, we guarantee support for each investment project, and together we will work to succeed!
We invite everyone to cooperate.
Yours faithfully
head of the community                                                        Anatoly Malahatka




The administrative center of the community is in the village of Mala Tokmachka, which is located in 12 km near Orikhiv district center - the city of Orikhiv.The distance to regional center - Zaporizhzhya is 68 km. The community consists of 4 settlements. The territory of the community is 17.2 thousand hectares

Community on the map
Natural - geographical and climatic conditions

Rivers: Konka and Mala Tokmachka.
The terrain of the relief is a steppe plain. The most widespread soils are black soils. Duration of vegetation period of plants is 210-220 days.

Education, healthcare, culture and leisure

Human resources

The population of the community is 3166 people. 997 are employed.

Transport infrastructure

The community`s settlements are provided a constant traffic with the administrative center in the village Mala Tokmachka
Transport network:
Railways - 59 km;
Roads - 32 km, 100% which are hard-coated.
Highways of communal property are 52 km length, with hard covering - 26,8 km.

Economy structure

The industrial infrastructure is represented by enterprises of agricultural and industrial production.
There are 20 shopping centers operating in the settlements of the community.
The agricultural branch of AC is represented by 15 private agricultural enterprises, 9 peasant farms, and 200 single farmers registered on the territory of the community. Agricultural land of AC consists of 9630.75 hectares of shares, which are cultivated personally or leased to agricultural producers.
Crop production is 100% in the sectoral structure of agriculture. The main commodity structures of exports are oilseed crops, cereals.
The industrial branch of Malotokmachka AC is an industrial enterprise of Orikhiv Colony No. 88, which specializes in metal working, woodworking, manufacturing of working clothes. The company employs 60 people.
The bricklaying plant "AgrobudLTD " LLC is located on the territory of the community and specializes in the production of ceramic brick M-400, with a production capacity of 2 million pieces.

The main enterprises
Enterprise, organization, institution Type of activity (main)  
"Mala Tokmachka" LLC  
Cultivation of cereals and industrial crops
“Agrotech” LLC Cultivation and processing of cereals, legumes and seeds of oilseeds
"Preobrazhenske" LLC Cultivation of cereals and industrial crops
"Agrobud LTD" LLC Production of ceramic brick, blocks, molded from heavy clay for masonry
Orikhiv Colony No. 88 Wood products; building materials: paving tile, slag block; Variety of equipment for farmers, gardeners, consumer goods.





Investment development

Malotokmachka AC prepared 7 projects for realization at the expense of subventions from the regional and state budget for capital repairs and reconstruction of objects of social sphere and street lighting.
We will take an active part in various contests of grant support and international technical assistance in the future.


Priority sectors of the economy and proposals for investments 

The main branches of plant growing: growing of cereals (winter wheat, barley (spring + winter), corn), growing of oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed).
Promising areas: livestock, viticulture, vegetable growing, winemaking.
Types of economic activity of small and medium-sized businesses: transport cargo transportation, retail trade, provision of domestic, medical and provision legal services.

Machine building is a production of spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment.
Building materials industry includes production of ceramic brick, blocks, shaped from heavy clay for masonry - wood products, sidewalk tile.

Handling of household waste
Organization of production for the processing of household waste with the removal of valuable fractions suitable for recycling.
Project name  Reconstruction of the drainage system at the address: 1-6 Privokzalna street in the village of Mala Tokmachka, Orikhiv district, Zaporizhzhya region
Brief description of the project
Construction of a new livestock bag with a capacity of 100m3, pipeline laying DN 160 - 408,6 m, pipeline laying DN 200 - 91,85 m, construction of wells - 25pcs
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 1294,567
Project name
Construction of solid domestic waste landfill and sorting line
Brief description of the project
Construction of solid waste landfill and waste sorting workshop, which will allow to remove resource materials and use them for further processing, develop a scheme of sanitary cleaning of the territory of the community, the main construction objects - a platform for collection and loading of waste to the conveyor, processing workshop, press for the sorting of recycled materials, storage area for recycled products.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 5000,00
Project name Creation of a servicing cooperative with a milk processing workshop in the village of Bilogirya, Orikhiv district, Zaporizhzhya region.
Brief description of the project
Creation and registration of agricultural service cooperatives purchase of refrigeration equipment, equipment for milk and milk quality installation, reconstruction and training its shop attendants, organizing a full cycle of collection, milk processing and production of finished dairy products. Implementation of the project will promote the development of agricultural cooperative movement, improvement of welfare of the population, active employment of the population.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 4500,00
Project name Clearing two ponds on the territory of Malotokmachka AC
Brief description of the project
There are two ponds with the area of 50 thousand square meters on the territory of the community, a depth of about 5 meters. The project provides for an increase in the depth of these reservoirs, sludge removal, strengthening of slopes, as well as improvement of the adjoining territory. This project will contribute to the improvement of the ecological and sanitary state of the community's reservoirs, the creation of recreation areas for its inhabitants, and the development of fisheries.
Estimated cost of the project, ths. UAH 6000,0


Land plots for investments
Available on the territory of the community FREE land plots intended for economic activity (except agricultural purpose) 
Location Geographical coordinates Cadastral number Area, ha Specific purpose
1 246 Miru street, Mala Tokmachka,
47°32'05.5"N 35°53'50.9"E - 1,0000 For placement and operation of main, subsidiary and auxiliary buildings and facilities of enterprises of processing, engineering and other industries
50 Shevchenko street, Mala Tokmachka 47°31'44.4"N 35°54'42.7"E   0,2000 Lands of industry
3 1 Verhnya street,   Bilogirya village 47°31'30.5"N 36°00'10.8"E - 1,0000 Lands of industry



Malotokmachka village council
297 Mirustreet, Mala Tokmachka Village, Orikhiv district, Zaporizhzhya region 70550
tel. +380614146216
teel. +380614146369
The investment overview of the community is developed with support of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhzhya Region.