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Hirsivka Amalgamated Community of Zaporizhzhya region Investment overview. Information on resources, economy, investment projects and free land plots
Hirsivka Amalgamated Community Investment overview



Dear Partners and Investors!
Hirsivka community is located in the region on the shore of the Molochniy estuary - the pearl of the Tavria Steppe. Today, the community has 20 enterprises, whose main activity is the agriculture and growing of cereals in our region. And by specifying the above, it should be noted that the community today has free land plots, which, with a good economic approach, can serve for a start of successful business or expansion of existing business. The community has a very good geographical and transport location that opens the potential for our community and its partners to reach large markets, attracting specialists and experts in various fields of the economy to cooperation, developing and expanding production capacities, establishing links with neighboring regions.
We can`t point out and the peculiarity of our community - the location on the shores of the world-known Molochniy estuary  - use of many types of valuable species of sea fish, waterfowl, rare species of plants and animals, and the formation of deposits of medicinal salts and mud. On the territory of the community there are also hunting grounds along the river Dzhekelnya. These unique community`s differences open up significant opportunities for the development of the recreational and tourist industry, the development of water sports and recreation.
Summing up, it can be noted that any entrepreneur or company can find in Hirsivka many open opportunities and prospects for the development and profit making.
From our side, our community, within its capabilities and powers, promises to create all the necessary conditions for work.
We are waiting for you, dear ladies and gentlemen, on the hospitable land of the Hirsivka community. We are always open to dialogue and fruitful cooperation!
Yours faithfully                                                                                                        Natalya Popova



The center of the Hirsivka Amalgamated Community (hereinafter - AC) is the Hirsivka village, which is located on the left bank of the Dzhekelnya River, 2.5 km from the Molochniy estuary. The community brings together 5 settlements. The total area of the AC`s area is 26.8 thousand hectares, the population is 2,165 people.
Community on the map
Natural - geographical and climatic conditions

Most of the land (75% of the area) is black solid. The DzhekelnyaRiver, 30 km long, runs to the Molochniy estuary(coastline - 11204 m). The Molochniy estuary is part of the Priazovsky National Nature Park, a place of residence of many valuable species of sea fish, waterfowl and 14 rare species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.
The Hirsivkacommunity has building (sand and clay) and recreational (salts, medical mud, mineral waters) minerals.

Structure of the land fund, ha
Total - 26,8 thousand hectares

Education, healthcare, culture and leisure

Human resources

Economically active population - 56%
The employed population is 28%
Unemployment rate - 28%
Average salary - 4035 UAH.

Transport infrastructure
The community has a convenient transport connection, it combines the approach to the main transport routes from the north to the south and from the east to the west, the district centers (Priazovsky and Yakimivka) and the center of economic, educational and social attraction of our region - the city of Melitopol.
Road section of the highway is 16.5 km
Road E-105 - 25 km
Road E-58 - 25 km
Kirilyvka Sea Resort - 79 km
Zaporizhzhya, the regional center - 156,5 km
Kyiv - 706.5 km

Melitopol, railway station - 35 km 

Priazovsky, district center - 23 km

Yakimivka - 40 km

Economy structure

More than 20 companies are engaged in active work in the community.
The main branch of economy is agriculture. In crop production prevail, wheat, barley, peas, and sunflower, and in animal husbandry - pig farming, poultry farming and cattle breeding.

The main enterprises

Enterprise, organization, institution   Type of activity (main)  
Iskra LLC
 Growing of agricultural products (wheat, barley, peas, sunflower, oats, millet and others)
Farm "Byhkalo" Growing of agricultural products (wheat, barley, peas, sunflower, flax, millet and others)
Zorya LLC
Agricultural production (wheat, barley, peas, sunflower)
Farm “Granozan”  
Agricultural production (wheat, barley, sunflower, rape, coriander, canary, and others)
Agricultural Production Cooperative "Prilimansky"  
Growing of agricultural products (wheat, barley, peas, sunflower, oats, millet, coriander and others)


Total income - 18.5 million UAH. Total costs - 20.3 million UAH.

Basic taxes
Value Added Tax (VAT) - 20%
Taxes on accrued wages  - 22%
Corporate income tax - 18%
Personal Income Tax (PIT) - 18%

Investment development

As in every area, the investment attractiveness of the community depends on its potential and the initiative of local authorities and residents. That is why local self-government bodies take all steps to open new doors to business and development.
Within the scope of its competence, the community has the opportunity to support foreign investment through additional preferences, to set the size of local taxes, thus creating a pleasant investment climate.
AC is the beneficiary of the investor LLC Eurocape Ukraine I, which finances, builds and operates wind farms. Eurocape Ukraine I allocated over UAH 1.9 million investments for the Hirsivka AC.



Priority sectors of the economy and proposals for investments

Advantages of Hirsivka AC
• Rich natural resources
• Available labor resources
• High level of development of agriculture and processing
• Agrarian Center
• Proximity of European roads
• Flora and fauna of the Molochniy estuary
Prospects for the development of Hirsivka AC
 Small and medium business development
 Qualitative involvement of local labor resources
 Developinga business incubator of agricultural type
 Formation of the base of alternative energy sources
 Infrastructure development
 Creation of recreation and sports zones
 Tourism development (marketing and branding)

Project title Brief description of the project Estimated cost of the project
Production of biohumus

Planned organization of the production of biohumus (vermicompost) in a heated room with an area of 1000 m2.
Composting can be done in an open area or under a canopy. The planned production for the year is 109,500 kg (109,5 tons)
Taking into account the price of 3 UAH / 1 kg, profit for the year = 328 500 UAH. (Payback less than 2 years).
600 Thousand UAH
Creation of a warehouse for storing vegetables
An area of 1000 m2 can store up to 2500 tons of products.
Opportunities for storing vegetable crops: in container, bulk storage, container.
Planned net profit from the lease of vegetables - 103.8 ths. UAH. per month.
Project payback - up to 3 years.
3,6 mln UAH
Organization of an online store
Regular sales of products will be provided with a wide range of goods, low prices, the possibility of free delivery at a significant order and additional services. Using the possibility of the Internet (contextual advertising in search engines, placement of banners). Payback is 1 year. 300 Thousand UAH
Creation of a greenhouse economy for the cultivation of cucumbers
Planned greenhouse with a total area of 600 m2. One greenhouse is 300 m2 (6x50 m). After the first cycle, the profit of the sale of goods from two greenhouses will amount to 501.0 thousand UAH. In the future, it is possible to convert into a complex of greenhouses with the expansion of production. 341,8 Thousand UAH
Creation of a pellet production plant

Low investment and high returns.
For the production of one ton of fuel from granules, 7.4 cubic cherry sawdust is required.
The cost of raw materials is $ 5 per cubic meter.
Gross profit per ton:
$ 110 - ($ 5 * 7.4) = $ 73. Even taking into account all expenses (electricity, wages, packaging, transport), the profitability of the project remains more than 100%.
The wholesale cost of pelleted fuel starts at $ 110 per ton.
Creating a "Power Forest"


The "Energy Forest" is a plantation of fast-growing species of trees and shrubs that will be cut in 3-10 years after planting, which is carried out by a highly mechanized method. After 5 years, the harvest reaches about 50 tons of dry weight per hectare. As a source of energy, low-grade tree species: poplar and willow will be grown. Growing plantations of fast growing breeds of trees creates a qualitative potential for further implementation of the project of its own pellet production plant.
Organization of Surf Hub

Molochniy estuary  - an excellent candidate for the organization of such a resort mini-complex.
Surf hub consists of: kite school, kite shop, kite sports and recreation areas - camping (hotel) near the estuary.

Land plots for investments

Thereare free land plots, as a potential basis of the industrial park, among the land fund on the territory of the community of which:
- within the settlements - 5.83 hectares;
- outside of settlements - 67.5 hectares.

Land outside the Hirsivka, 2.4 hectares 

The land plot in the Hirsivka, 1.63 hectares 

Land outside the Hirsivka, 2 hectares 

Land outside the Dunayyvka, 56,8 hectares 

Land outside the Viktorivka, 2,9 and 6,3hectares 

The land plot in the Dunayyvka,  0,8 and 0,7 hectares 

Available on the territory of the community FREE land plots intended for economic activity (except agricultural purpose)


The investment overview of the community is developed with support of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Economic Relations of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration and Agency for Regional Development of Zaporizhzhya Region.